Deputy Special Inspection in Los Angeles, CA

Are you looking for a Los Angeles Post Installed Adhesive Epoxy Dowel Deputy Special Inspector? We are here to guide you in the right path! We at Los Angeles Deputy Special Inspection are authorized and approved in this field through the International Code Council. With years of practical knowledge and skill, we are here to help you whether it be for a commercial or residential project. You can contact us directly through our website, social media or phone number at (424) 407-3106 for a free post-installed adhesive epoxy dowel inspection in Los Angeles, California!

We are very acquainted when it comes to post installed epoxy dowel inspections. In fact, this service is our most requested inspection. We understand that post installed adhesive epoxy dowel inspections are needed for either new or recurring projects. Whether the adhesive epoxy dowel installation is for an approved engineer’s RFI (request for information) or it is clearly called out in the approved plans, we can help!

We know that there are vital steps of installing post-installed adhesive epoxy dowels. Many contractors don’t realize that these vital steps come packaged with the epoxy material that is stated in the city approved plans. Whether it is Simpson or HILTI brand, these steps are provided either on the package wrapping or in a mini booklet that comes with the adhesive epoxy bag. It is also important that each expiration date on the adhesive epoxy tube be confirmed and satisfactory prior to adhesive epoxy installation.

It is vital to confirm the depth of each drilled hole per city approved plan prior to adhesive epoxy injection. It is also vital that all holes be clean and free of debris prior to adhesive epoxy installation. Failure to do this can cause a weak bond between the adhesive epoxy to the existing concrete with either rebar or anchors. This can put a structure’s integrity in jeopardy especially when it needs it the most during an earthquake, heavy wind or similar natural danger. When epoxy is ready to be installed, it is vital to inspect that epoxy is being mixed and primed out within the mixing tube neck. To verify this, a small portion should be discharged to verify proper mixing. Once mixing is confirmed, epoxy can be injected into holes. Rods or rebar dowels should also be installed in a twisting motion to get rid of any voids and make sure an acceptable bond has been achieved. This is why it is vital to hire us here at Los Angeles Deputy Special Inspection for all your post installed adhesive epoxy dowel needs!

Whether your adhesive epoxy dowels will be used to connect to a wood framing construction or concrete construction, we can help! We know the importance of adhesive epoxy dowels and how they are vital to keeping parts of your building together. We understand that reinforcing steel can be missed and not installed during a concrete placement and at times the post-installed adhesive epoxy dowel method is the answer from the engineer. We ensure that the contractor follows these simple steps per city approved plans.